If you miss a streak, Snapchat's newest feature helps you keep going
Image Source - Twitter

If you miss a streak, Snapchat’s newest feature helps you keep going

With the advent of Snapstreaks, many users were obsessed with preserving streaks, even sustaining hundreds of streaks with several friends. Its popularity may have diminished a touch as life gets in the way, but Snap has released an experimental feature that may help you stay on track if you skip a day. You may now just tap Restore to make it appear as though the awful event never occurred.

The drawback is that consumers are only entitled to one free Snap Restore. According to TechCrunch, if you want to save additional Snapstreaks, you’ll have to buy extra Restores from the app for $1 apiece in the US. The firm also stated in its release that it would be releasing a new mechanism for Snapchat+ customers to freeze their Streaks for extended periods of time “soon.” While Snap did not elaborate on how the functionality will operate, it did say that it will allow users to “stop things when they know they’re going off the grid.”

These feature announcements follow the addition of an OpenAI chatbot similar to ChatGPT to Snap’s app. The chatbot appears up as a regular user profile, apparently to make it look more like a virtual buddy, but Snap says it may “be misled into saying just about anything” and has even apologised for its “many faults” in advance. For the present, the chatbot is only available to Snapchat+ users who pay $4 per month for the service, but the firm intends to make it more broadly available in the future.