Huawei's Petal Maps adds new capabilities for a more seamless offline navigation experience

Huawei’s Petal Maps adds new capabilities for a more seamless offline navigation experience

Huawei, one of the world’s top technology companies, is enhancing its travel and navigation experience through Petal Maps enhancements.

Following its launch in the Middle East and Africa in the second quarter of 2021, the app is now available to users with a limited, weak, or non-existent internet connection, allowing them to pre-download maps of places they wish to visit and enjoy access regardless of their connectivity.

Rapid and precise real-time updates in several languages provide smooth sailing free of annoying advertisements as users explore their surroundings on foot, bike, or automobile with seamless transitions in any direction.

Accurate voice notification also assists users in avoiding becoming lost or taking the wrong turn while on their lifetime adventures. Petal Maps is now available both online and offline as part of the “No internet. No problem” promotion, enhancing customers’ travel and navigation experiences smoothly.

Petal Maps enhanced its privacy and protection capabilities to assist users in safely navigating and exploring the world in incognito mode. The software safeguards users’ data with end-to-end encryption and does not save or preserve search or location history, giving users complete control over how and where their data is saved.

Additionally, the app’s capacity to provide daily maps experiences and recommendations, such as point display, HUD, and weather updates, with faster and more precise navigation is a critical feature. The entire experience makes journey mapping easier and more entertaining for users.

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