How to Uninstall Carbonite on Mac (Removal Guide)

Hey folks today we are going to talk about the backup options available on Mac and how to uninstall carbonite which is a popular data backup service.

Backup is very much essential to restore your Mac for any data loss failure. Backup helps you to restore all your infected, deleted or corrupted files with an ease. If you have a backup of your data then you have the confidence of getting all your files back in no time.

90% of the mac users rely on the time machine tool inside Apple Mac Books. As we all know Time Machine is a tool inside iOS and what if your complete system is compromised?   You’ll lose all your backup options. It is necessary to have a cloud-based backup for your files so you can get back your files and folders anytime you want.

iOS provides multiple options for Backing up your data like iCloud and iCloud Drive.

1. iCloud: This is a perfect way to take backup but the only limitation is that it is developed for iPhone and iPads.

2. iCloud Drive: iCloud Drive a data synchronous tool but with a limitation of limited data storage. You can’t take a complete backup of your Mac as you’ll have to upload each and every file manually.

Both of these options don’t satisfy our requirements as none of these tools protects us for any sort of disaster like office fire, short circuit and physical damage.

Carbonite comes into rescue, which is a very popular backup tool for iOS devices that protects both of your Time Capsule and Mac.

Why Do We Need to Uninstall Carbonite?

Most of the time we uninstall an app or software if we are not satisfied with the working of that particular application. But there are multiple other reasons for uninstalling.

1) Corrupted files
2) Error popup messages due to malfunctioned app.
3) Slowdown of your MacBook

If you are facing any of the above issue then you should know the procedure to uninstall Carbonite.

Steps to Uninstall Carbonite from Mac

There are basically 2-3 methods to get an app uninstalled from Mac OS.

First Method

1. Open the Carbonite app on your Mac Book.

2. Select Account tab available on the left side of the window.

3. Go to computer information panel and click on the uninstall tab.

uninstall carbonite

4. It will take 2-3 minutes to get the Carbonite uninstalled from your PC.

Second Method

The second method is basically removing the app from the finder.

Step 1: Click on the finder tab and click on the Applications visible on the left side window.

Step 2: You’ll get a lot of installed apps on the right side of the screen. You’ll have to select the carbonite app.

Step 3: Now, you can click on the carbonite app and drag it to trash folder.

Step 4: Carbonite is successfully uninstalled from your Mac.


Carbonite is a powerful backup software that can protect your data and provide you an extra form of security layer. Corrupted files may harm the installation of your software and we have to fix it with new copy of it.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Where is Carbonite on my Mac?

Carbonite is installed on MacBook laptops inside the application folder. If you want to open Carbonite on your mac laptop then you can search the app on the finder.

How Do I Remove Carbonite from my Computer?

The process is simple, you just need to uninstall Carbonite through Finder>>Application>>Carbonite and then drag the icon to trash.

How do I Reinstall Carbonite on my Mac?

Reinstalling carbonite is easy, you just need to follow the uninstall procedure and once the app is uninstalled successfully then install it again from the official website.

How do I Delete My Carbonite Account?

Once your trial for Carbonite account is over then you can get your subscription cancelled. All the data stores on the Carbonite servers will be deleted after 7 days.