How to Uninstall Splunk App With no Residual Files

Some software is highly recommended to be uninstalled completely otherwise they may conflict with other installations and make it corrupt. Splunk app is one of those tools that is to be uninstalled and removed from the installed directories otherwise the overall speed and working of the system may be compromises.

If you don’t know how to uninstall Splunk app then this entire article will guide you to get it removed from Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

What is Splunk App?

Splunk is basically a tool/software or app that will help you to analyze machine data to make it beneficial for the business. As we all know every installed hardware needs a software for proper functioning but sometimes the hardware starts malfunctioning and stops performing its basic tasks.  To understand the issue with the hardware we have to analyze or examine the machine data.

Machine stores data in an unorganized way and it is very difficult to make it in human understandable form. Splunk helps us to save time and organize tampered data in an efficient manner.

All software installed in a system maintains a log file where it maintains the flow of the hardware devices including the data and time of use, data calls and error codes.

Uninstall Splunk from Mac

Windows and Mac both are entirely different OSs and the tutorial for one is not going to work on another. So, if you are using a MacBook or iOS then you can follow below step to get Splunk app removed.

Step 1: Go to Finder and then Select Application.

Step 2: Search for installed Splunk app and then drag it to the trash
Step 3: Now, the Splunk app is uninstalled and removed from Mac but we have to delete all residual files of Splunk.
Step 4: Now, Go to folder and then type “ ~/library/”, this command will open the library from where you need to Application support folder.
Step 5: Delete all folder with name Splunk in it.
Step 6: All the cache files to be deleted for Splunk and for that you need to delete cache file from the library  with name Splunk.
Step7: Once you delete all folder and files related to Splunk. Now, its time to get it flushed out from the Mac and for that right click on the trash icon and select Empty Trash.


Uninstall Splunk from Windows

Uninstalling an app from windows PC is relatively easy as compared to Mac. Windows OS provides lots of powerful features that will help you to uninstall various programs in simple 2-3 taps of your mouse. If you have Splunk installed on your Windows PC (7, 8, 8.1 and 10)  then you can follow the below procedure.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel and open Add or Remove Program

Step 2: Select the Splunk App from the populated list of installed apps.
Step 3: Select the icon and you need to tap uninstall or change.
Step 4: Select the uninstall tab and follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 5: Enjoy the Splunk is successfully uninstalled from the system.

Uninstall Splunk From Linux

Linux is a powerful but a complex OS and a user needs to be a skilled one to perform different operations inside the system. Splunk is a cross platform tool that’s the reason it can be installed in any OS. If you have Splunk on Linux and don’t know how to uninstall Splunk from Linux then here is the guide for that.

Step 1: Right click on the Linux desktop and navigate to $SPLUNK_HOME
Step 2: Disable running Splunk services with following command
# cd /opt/splunk/bin
# ./splunk stop

Step 3: Now, delete the Splunk directory through /opt and deleting folders with the  command
# cd /opt
# rm -rf splunk
Step 4: Once you are done with all the above steps. Enjoy you have successfully uninstalled Splunk.

As you can see we have discussed how to uninstall Splunk from the majority of operating systems including Mac, Windows and Linux. If you face any issue related to Splunk removal then you can comment below this article and our team will get back to you asap with the solution.

People Also Ask [FAQ]


  1. How to check Splunk version

    Open the Splunk, navigate to help and then select About. This about tab will have the version and build number for Splunk.

  2. How can I delete Splunk app completely?

    Yes it is possible but for that after uninstalling the app normally you’ll have to remove all residual folder and directories for Splunk.