How to Uninstall Qustodio from iPhone and iPad

How to Uninstall Qustodio from iPhone and iPad

If you have a qustodio installed on your iPhone device and you are not willing to keep it on your device anymore. Here is the full guide through which you can easily uninstall qustodio parental control app. Qustodio provides the digital safety to your children and I strongly suggest you to think twice before uninstalling this wonderful parental control app qustodio.

First of all, you need to have access to your Family Portal and remove your device from there. This is a mandatory step that is to be followed before uninstalling Qustodio from iOS device.

Note : If you have Android Device then you can refer Android uninstall Guide

Steps to Uninstall Qustodio from iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the Qustodio app on your iPhone device.
  2. Enter your security password for Qustodio and click on next.How to Uninstall Qustodio from iPhone and iPad
  3. If you have forgotten your Qustodio password then you can refer this guide else keep on reading.
  4. Now, you’ll get 3 options
    a) View Activity Online
    b) Reconfigure device
    c) Disable Protection 

    qustodio disable protectionTap on Disable Protection

  5. From here you’ll get other windows with 3 options again but you just need to select third option Remove to uninstall qustodio from iphone
  6. Tap remove and then click ok.
  7. You’ll see a message iOS Profile Removed. 

    qustodio profile removed

  8. Now, the Qustodio Parental Control app profile is removed and now you can follow normal procedure to remove app on iPhone or iPad.
  9. Tap the home screen and select Qustodio app icon and select cross to get it uninstalled completely. I hope you have understood how to uninstall Qustodio app from iOS (iPhone, iPad) and if you still have issues then you can comment below and our team will get back to you shortly.