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How to Turn Off Autocorrect On iPhone

As you frantically bang out that vital text or email on your iPhone, do you find Autocorrect sabotaging more messages than it saves? Enduring constant micro-frustrations trying to punch in your intended words accurately finally frays one’s sanity!

Thankfully, with iPhones offering extensive controls customizing the typing and editing experience – switching off Autocorrect completely rests within your power.

This guide unlocks the simple yet obscured techniques for:

  • Disabling autocorrect systemwide on your iPhone
  • Turning off corrections on a per-app basis
  • Fine tuning additional intelligent typing features

Follow along below to seize back control from your iPhone’s overeager text replacement systems once and for all!

Understanding iPhone Autocorrect Capabilities




Before rushing to dismantle autocorrect functionality, let’s outline exactly what types of corrections the iPhone tries to administer:

  • Spelling corrections – Fixes typos, double letters, and obvious misspellings automatically.
  • Keyboard predictions – Predicts next word you want to type based on writing style and vocabulary. Appear just above keyboard on each key press.
  • Text replacements – Substitutes custom shorthand phrases into full text expansions. Like typing “omw” becoming “On my way!”.
  • Punctuation assistance – Auto-capitalization, periods after double spaces, etc.

Now that we’ve clarified the breadth of meddling autocorrect applies, let’s explore step-by-step disabling.

Turn Off Autocorrect Systemwide

If you’d rather just fully disable all iPhone autocorrect behavior universally, a systemwide blanket opt-out makes life simple:

  1. Open Settings > General > Keyboard
  2. Toggle Auto-Correction to OFF (green indicates on).

And just like that, you’ve instantly disabled all automatic spelling and text corrections everywhere!

But that nuclear option eliminates some potentially helpful functions. Instead, you can fine tune…

Disable Autocorrect On Specific Apps

For more nuanced control, adjust Autocorrect behaviors differently per app:

  1. Choose Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement
  2. Tap + to Add New Replacement for desired app.
  3. Leave Phrase blank and enter “.” under Shortcut. This omitted Autocorrect only for configured apps!

While very hidden, this nets granular corrections handling. For example, keep assists intact for email but disable while tweeting.

Customizing Other iPhone Typing Assistance

Looking beyond just Autocorrect, expand control further by toggling additional typing features like:

  • Predictive – Disable next word predictions above keyboard
  • Check Spelling – Won’t underline questionable words red as you type
  • ** “.”. Shortcut** – Omit period shortcuts when double spacing sentences

Balancing these to match your exact convenience vs. accuracy tradeoff accelerates iPhone text entry flows.

Comparison Table of iPhone Text Correction Tools

Text Correction Tool Default Setting How to Modify
Autocorrect Enabled Settings > General > Keyboard > Toggle ON/OFF
Predictive Text Enabled Settings > General > Keyboard > Toggle ON/OFF
Check Spelling Enabled Settings > General > Keyboard > Toggle ON/OFF
Text Replacements Customizable Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement > Add New
Auto-Punctuation Enabled Not configurable

With this enhanced clarity on the range of text features influencing your iPhone typing, hopefully permanently disabling just frustrations like Autocorrect no longer feels like an insurmountable settings mystery!

Before You Go Nuclear…

While I completely understand the catharsis of outright blocking AutoCorrect after too many messages conveyed the wrong sentiment, do consider trying these preliminary troubleshooting steps:

  • Add custom text replacements for unique names/words that get corrected incorrectly often.
  • Double check installed keyboards like Emoji don’t have their own rogue autocorrect enabled.
  • Confirm your model and iOS are up to date. Updates sometimes improve autocorrect dictionary.
  • Reset keyboard dictionary to retrain from scratch on your common vocabulary.

However if you still find automatic changes slowing you down more than speeding up communication, at least now you can libererate your iPhone typing with targeted precision!

I’d love to hear if these Apple Autocorrect avoidance tactics empower more frictionless iPhone text entry for you. Please share any other workarounds you discover so we can exchange wisdom towards typing enlightenment together!