The act of taking a screenshot has been gaining popularity over the years. The ability to quickly take a snapshot of some content, mark it up with your own custom notes or messages, and sharing it immediately with your friends or colleagues, has been something that Mac/MacBook users have been enjoying for years. Yes, in today’s world, the screenshot feature is available on all smart devices in the market, but every brand, has its own way of doing screenshots on their devices, and today, we are going to focus on the Windows 10 devices.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to take a screenshot on your Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

Step 1. Open the file or browse to that content that you want to screenshot on your Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

Step 2. Next, press the ‘Windows + SHIFT + S‘ keys simultaneously.


How to take a screenshot on Windows 10


Step 3. Drag around the area that you want to screenshot. Use the cursor to drag around the area, and only release the mouse button when you are satisfied with the selection.

Step 4. You will now see a thumbnail of the screenshot. Click on it to open it in preview mode.

Step 5. You can edit the screenshot, enhance the image and even add in notes. Once you are satisfied with the changes, you can click on the save button.

You can set the name for the screenshot and even set the location where you want to save the image.

The screenshot of the desired portion of the screen will now be taken and saved on the desktop, and you can now open it, edit it and even share it with your contacts.

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One word of caution though, is that you must ensure not to  include any sensitive information in your screenshot, as the recipient can misuse the information for their gains. Please be very careful while taking screenshots, and if you spot some information that you don’t want the recipient to see, either crop it out, or edit it out using the editing tools available in the preview window itself.