How to Stop Indexer for Windows Search ?

How to Stop Indexer for Windows Search ?

The typical reason why a computer system has poor performance is that there is a certain application that persistently pressures the hard disk. This dilemma can probably trigger a problem with the other running parts of the computer when the resources that they need to perform at a standard velocity are withdrawn.

 An example of this kind of application is the Windows indexer for Search. Since the indexer utilizes low priority I/O (input/output), the functionality of nearly all computers is not diminished.

This is due to the fact that the indexer service only get its way in the hard disk as soon as the indexer verify that another part of the system is not already getting admittance in the hard disk and the hard disk is inactive. However, older computers that have a sluggish hard disk have not been able to respond to a new disk request from other part of the system. This results to a decline in the system functionality.




In order to know if the indexer service is triggering a functionality problem, hinder the Windows Search service to avoid indexer from occurring. Yet, it is a must to check first if the indexer is totally done indexing the system. To see the status of the indexer service, simply:

  • Navigate to Start then type “index” in the Start Search box
  • Choose Indexing Options in the programs list.
  • In the window that appears, either “Indexing Complete” or “Indexing Speed is reduced due to user activity “will be displayed.

If it displays “Indexer Speed is reduced due to user activity”, the indexer is not done yet. However, if it displays “Indexing Complete”, the system is finished indexing the e-mail messages and user documents on the system. Still, the indexer stays active and can still index new e-mail messages or documents that will come out on the system.

How to Stop Indexer for Windows Search

A user can stop the indexer for windows search by doing the following:

  • Hit Start, type Services in the Start Search box and then Enter.
  • Choose services in the programs list. If the computer requires an administrator password and a confirmation, supply the needed information.
  • Navigate downward then find the service “Windows Search”
  • Right-click the service then proceeds to Properties.
  • Put the startup type to Disabled.
  • Hit Stop to stop the services and then hit OK.
  • Restart the computer.

After doing the mentioned steps, check if the problem still exists by executing some tasks on the computer.


This guest article has been contributed by David Ritchie. David is a software developer and technical writer with over a decade of professional experience. He is currently interested in registry cleaner reviews and “Clean My Mac” software.