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4 Smartphone Apps that Save You Money

During tough economic times, saving money becomes a necessary component of getting by until situations improve. As expenses rise, taking time to find savings on major bills might help save money, but working on trimming expenses requires more than just checking your primary monthly costs.

4 Smartphone Apps that Save You Money

Fortunately, money saving Smartphone apps might be one way to help trim the everyday expenditures so more funds go into the bank. Smartphone users can save more money than they expect by simply downloading a few apps to their devices, many of which are free to download.

Amazon Kindle App

Book lovers and commuters often find that reading is a part of life. The only problem that arises is the expenditure of buying a new book every few days.

That nine or ten dollars every few days adds up quickly and buying an e-reader might cost more than they are willing to spend.

This is where the Amazon Kindle app comes into the picture. The Kindle has a wide range of books available with over one million free titles and many that are lower than the average costs.


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Anyone who has an iPhone or Android Smartphone can take advantage of the app to save money.

The Kindle app is a free to download to the Smartphone. Once it is downloaded, users can browse the Kindle store and download the books of their choice.

As e-books, the cost is often less expensive than the physical books and many are available for free.

Depending on the number of books read in a year, this can save hundreds of dollars, particularly for commuters or avid readers.


Gas Buddy App

Gas Buddy is one of the best apps to help save money on regular expenditures you cannot avoid. For those who drive a car, gas is vital. Without it, the car does not run.

Very few electric cars are available and even a hybrid requires filling up the tank occasionally. For most, the car needs filled up at least once or twice a week.

This is where Gas Buddy comes into the picture. This free to download app stays updated with information about the least expensive gas stations in the area.


Gas Buddy App


When it is time to fill up the tank, open the app and find out which nearby station has the lowest gas prices.

That three or four cents per gallon might not seem like much when comparing a single gallon, but with a full tank it might save two or three dollars.

By the end of the year the two or three extra dollars once or twice a week adds up to savings in the bank.


ShopSavvy 4 App

ShopSavvy is the app that makes use of the Smartphone camera and helps save money while you are out shopping for items like groceries.

Shopping is unavoidable because you will eventually need to buy more food supplies. That means having a way to save money in the palm of your hands might be just what you need.

While shopping, take the items you want and turn them so the barcode is facing out. Take a picture of the barcode with the ShopSavvy app open.


ShopSavvy App


The app will display where you can get the item for the lowest cost in the local area. It will also show if there are coupons to get the price or not, making it easier to find great shopping deals.

ShopSavvy is a free to download app that makes it easier to create the perfect shopping list and get the best money saving deals on shopping items, including groceries.


RepairPal Mobile App

We all have times when the car breaks down. This unfortunate event is usually at unexpected and inconvenient times when your favorite personal mechanic is too far to fix the problem and you need to use another individual to manage the situation.

RepairPal Mobile is the perfect app to find the best local deals and estimates for towing services, repairs and similar needs that might arise.

Simply open the app and start looking for the best deals. You might not be able to prevent the breakdown in the first place, but you can at least manage the cost by using the best price in town.


repair pal app


The app is free to download and provides peace of mind that if emergencies occur you will have a way to fix it without spending a ridiculous amount of money in the process.

Smartphone apps have opened new doors to saving money. By using the apps, you can minimize the unavoidable expenses so that your bank account has more money by the end of the year.