If you visit a blog or a website, chances are that you will see some ads pop up from time to time. These ads may be annoying to the eyes, but it’s also a source of earning for the website or blog owner. Ads reward a few dollars for a preset number of clicks on the banner and that is why you will see bloggers and website owners, place ads in strategic locations to lure you into clicking on the banners.

The solution to these ads is Adblockers. Utilizing Adblockers allows you to browse a blog or website without the hassle of ads. The Adbloickers do an amazing job of restricting ads that are trying to burst into view.

However, blogs and websites today can be hooked up with functionalities which can detect if you are using an Adblocker, and in some cases, the sites or blogs can even restrict Adblockers.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can set up an undetectable Adblocker.

Solution 1. The first thing you can do is to Whitelist a website from the ad blocker. This allows ads to show no matter your ad blocker settings. This is recommended for sites that you feel are trustworthy and deserve the ad revenue.

To do this, open the website you want to whitelist, click on the AdBlock button in the browser, and then click on the ‘Don’t Run on Pages on this site‘. This will prevent the Ad Block from running on the selected website.


How to set up an undetectable Adblocker


Solution 2. The next solution involves disabling the JavaScript on the selected website to bypass the ad-block detection.

To do this, open the website you want to disable ad-block detection on, and then click on the lock icon next to the website name and then click on ‘Site Settings‘.


How to set up an undetectable Adblocker


In the site settings, click on the Javascript option and change the setting to ‘Block‘.

How to set up an undetectable Adblocker

This will disable Ad-Block detection on the website.