The macOS platform is the closest to a rival to the Windows operating system in the market. Apple’s proprietary OS has been at loggerheads with Microsoft’s crowned jewel since the very beginning, and today, many argue that it has surpassed its rival in terms of features, security, and stability.

Most of the core elements are common across both the computer operating systems, set apart only by the nomenclature of the keys to be used. Selecting all text is one such operation. Here again, the procedure remains uniform across platforms, and what changes is the nomenclature.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to select all text on a Mac.

Step 1. Open the ‘Notes‘ app on your Mac.


how to cut, copy and paste on a Mac


Step 2. Type in some text in the text entry window.


How to select all text on a Mac


Step 3. Now, to select all text, just press the ‘Command key + A‘ on the keyboard.


How to select all text on a Mac


Step 4. Once the text is selected, you can perform the required operations on it.

  1. You can cut the text using the ‘Command key + X’ combination.
  2. You can copy the text to the clipboard using the ‘Command key + C’ combination.
  3. You can paste the selected text using the ‘Command key + V’ combination.

This is how you can select all text on a Mac computer. As we mentioned before, the procedure remains the same, just the nomenclature is different.