Microsoft Edge

How to reinstall the Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge is the preloaded web browser in the Windows 10 operating system and is the direct successor to the famous and cult Internet Explorer browser that was found in earlier versions of the Windows OS.

Microsoft Edge brings a lot of new features and functionalities that were previously absent in the Internet Explorer browser, but at the same time, the Edge browser also comes with a lot of bugs and glitches proving that it iis still a work in progress. If it so happens that the browser just does not respond, then one fo the best ways to deal with the issue is to re-install the Microsoft Edge browser.

You do not have to uninstall the existing copy. When you install a new copy of the Microsoft Edge browser, it just installs over the existing copy. So with that cleared, let’s get started with the tutorial.

Open the web browser on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop.
In the URL bar of the browser, enter –