One of the most interesting stories to come out of Microsoft is that of Microsoft Edge. Initially introduced as a successor to Internet Explorer, the Edge browser come with a lot of hype from the parent company, but despite promising a lot on paper, the browser was just not able to stand up to the might of Chrome and Safari.

However, everything changed when news started circulating about Microsoft working on a new ‘Edge’ browser. yes, we did receive a fair share of jokes and jibes, but something about the tone of the announcement felt different.

Recently, Microsoft ended the suspense and announced the new Microsft Edge browser. Nicknamed, the ‘Edge Chromium’, the new browser is a replacement to the existing Edge browser. yes, that’s correct, its a ‘Replacement’ and not just a regular update. The reason for this is that Microsoft has changed the core of the browser and rather than working on the existing platform, they have built the new Edge browser on the Chromium base. For those of you who don’t know, this is the same base that the Google Chrome browser is built on.

The new Microsoft Edge browser features an interface that is similar to the Chrome browser, which is not a complaint, but additionally, it also features a sleek visual overhaul that Microsoft is known for. Yes, it has its little niggles since its relatively new, but its not long before the new Edge browser goes head to head against Chrome itself.

In the recent update, Microsoft announced that they will be including an E-Book reader in the Edge browser. This will allows users to read E-Books directly on the browser.

Here’s how you can read books on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser on your PC/Laptop.


How to read books on the Microsoft Edge browser


Step 2. In the URL bar, type in


How to read books on the Microsoft Edge browser


Step 3. Log in to your Amazon account.


How to read books on the Microsoft Edge browser


You can now read any of the free E-books in the library, or you can always buy E-Books on the Amazon store. There are many offers always running on the website, so you can grab some great deals on your favourite E-Books and read them right from your browser.