How to print documents using a Chromebook

How to print documents using a Chromebook

While Google’s Chromebooks are all about online services, there are times when a good old-fashioned printout is required to accompany your digital adventures.

Printing from a Chromebook has become much easier in recent years, but it isn’t always clear how to get started or which paths to take. If you follow this guide, you should be able to print paper from your cloud-based computer in no time.

If you have a recent printer that can connect to the internet, you should be able to add it directly to your Chromebook without the need for additional services.

To begin, ensure that your printer is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. The process for connecting a printer to Wi-Fi varies by model, but there should be a “Wi-Fi” or “internet” option somewhere on the printer’s display, either as an icon on the main screen or as an option in the settings menu. This should guide you through the procedure.

Once the printer is ready, follow these steps –

Step 1. Click the clock in the lower-right corner of the screen on your Chromebook. Then, to access its settings, click the gear-shaped icon.