When it comes to software powered gadgets, the innovation is constantly on, but along with the good, there is also the bad. Over the years, malicious developers have been hard at work to create malware and virus that is potent enough to crash your smartphone. Android smartphones have been exposed to a few virus attacks to date, and while the developers at Google do a great job of keeping the security protocols up to date, there is always that one developer on the dark side who is a step ahead.

When you use an Android smartphone, there are some sure fire ways of detecting a potential virus threat on your device. In this tutorial, we will show you how to detect a virus on an Android smartphone.

Number 1. Drastic Battery drain.

If you are using a relatively new smartphone, the average battery life will be around the rated value indicated by the phone maker. However, if your device has started drastically dropping in battery percentage, there is a good chance that your Android smartphone has got malware.


How to detect a virus on an Android Smartphone


Number 2. Your Phone is responding very slowly. 

Malicious apps tend to encroach on your data and feed it to the hackers who have made the app. This hogs the processing power of your smartphone and as such, your device starts slowing down.


How to detect a virus on an Android Smartphone


Number 3. Suspicious notifications from banks or other services.

If you start receiving messages that look like they are from your bank or other services that you have subscribed to in real life, there is a high chance that there is a virus or malware on your smartphone that is feeding on personal data in real-time.

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How to detect a virus on an Android Smartphone


Number 4. Pop up Ads.

Malware or malicious apps tend to install themselves into the OS and start displaying annoying pop-up ads that appear based on certain triggers. These triggers could be anything from you opening a certain app, or opening a web page on your mobile browser. If you have started seeing unexplained pop-up ads on your smartphone. There is a very high chance that your device has been infected.


How to detect a virus on an Android Smartphone


If your Android device is experiencing any or all of these aforementioned symptoms, there is a very high possibility that your device has been infected by a virus.