How to Create a GIF on an Android Smartphone

How to Create a GIF on an Android Smartphone

The medium of communication has undergone the biggest evolutions through time and with smartphones getting ‘smarter’ by the day, new techniques of expressing ourselves are coming out on an almost daily basis.

Earlier, when we had to communicate with our friends or family, using an Android smartphone, we had to resort to full-on text messages. This then evolved into people creating short forms for phrases, which reduced the typing time. The common complaint was that it was difficult to grasp the tone of the text message, which is where emojis came into the picture. People could now simply send an emoji to show if they are happy, excited, sad, etc.

But now, we have another level of visual communication, and that is GIFs. GIFs are short looping videos that usually contain footage of cult-favorite characters or situations, and people use these, to give their messages a new dimension, while you had to rely on pre-built GIF libraries in the past, you can now create your own GIF and share that with your friends, family or colleagues.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a GIF on Android.

Download and Install the ‘GIPHY’ app on your Android smartphone.


How to make a GIF on Android


On the opening page, tap on the ‘Get Started’ button.