The work from home culture is slowly catching up and in these changing times, the demand for video conferencing apps is going through the roof. While we do have high corporate levels apps like Skype for Business, Zoom video conferencing, and Google Meet, there are apps like Apple’s Facetime and Google Duo which offer a more economic solution. Sure, they may not have the highly advanced controls that the other enterprise-grade apps possess, but they do still offer the essentials like

  1. HD voice and video calling
  2. End to End Encryption
  3. Free to use

Coming to Google Duo in particular, recently, an announcement was made where Google increased the group call member limit to 12. Now 12 members usually constitute a mini-conference and as such, we can now say that a video conference can take place on Duo.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up a video conference on Google Duo.

Step 1. Open the Google Duo App on your smartphone/tablet (iOS and Android supported).


How to Conference Call on Google Duo


Step 2. Tap on the create group button.


How to Conference Call on Google Duo


Step 3. Now select the members you want to add to the conference (up to 11).


How to Conference Call on Google Duo


Step 4. Tap on ‘Done‘.


Step 5. In the next window, tap on the ‘Start‘ button. The participants will then get a notification to join the call.


How to Conference Call on Google Duo


Your video conference is now successfully set up.

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