How to change the theme on the iPhone

How to change the theme on the iPhone

One of the features that iPhone users have been clamoring for is the ability to add a theme to the iPhone. However, Apple has been adamant about its stand on the same, and for years, iPhone users were stuck with just the wallpaper changeability. Recently, Apple announced the release of a new visual mode for the iPhone, and they also loosely claimed that this will be a step towards allowing users to customize their iPhone to a deeper level. This new model is the system-wide Dark Mode and it absolutely changes the whole look and feel of the device.

The best part about this new visual mode option on the iPhone is that there are now three different ways you can implement this.

  1. Light Mode – You can use this mode to have the same look and feel of the iPhone as you always do.
  2. Dark mode – This is the system-wide dark mode, and it changes all the UI elements to a darker shade, giving the whole device a stealth mode kind of feel.
  3. Auto – you can also set the iPhone to switch from Light mode to dark mode at a specific time of the day. Ideally, it happens when the day goes from morning to evening. This is because interacting with your device in dark mode is easier on the eyes at night.

If you want to explore these new visual themes, this is how to do it.

Open the ‘Settings’ app on the iPhone.