The Signal messaging app is an instant messaging application that works on the principle of true end to end encryption. A lot of people have been switching to this app, ever since Whatsapp introduced a new set of terms of use, that allowed their parent company, Facebook, to access absolutely every bit of data that is shared on the Whatsapp platform.

What is even more baffling is that you end up losing access to the Whatsapp account if you don’t accept these terms of use. All of these factors have started a revolution, where users are fully switching to the more secure Signal Messaging App.

If you have downloaded your copy of the Signal app and got the basic setup done, you may find the need to venture into the privacy settings, maybe just to see what the Signal Messaging app is offering you.

What is really cool is that these privacy settings can also be changed to suit your usage. The process is very simple, so in this tutorial, we will show you how to access these privacy settings, what they stand for, and to what extent you can change them.

Step 1. Open the Signal Messaging app on your smartphone.


How to make a group on the Signal Messaging app


Step 2. Tap on the ‘Profile‘ icon on the top left-hand side.


How to set a profile picture on the Signal Messaging App


Step 3. Now, tap on the ‘Privacy tab‘ from the settings menu.


How to change the Privacy Settings on the Signal Messaging App


Now, let’s take a look at the various Privacy options and how you can change them.

  1. Read Receipts (Toggle ON/OFF) – This feature allows you to see and share when messages have been read. This setting can be toggled on or off as per your wish, but keep in mind that it applies to all the chats.
  2. Typing Indicators (Toggle ON/OFF) – This feature allows you to see and share when messages are being types. This setting also can be toggled on or off, and your choice applies to all the chats.
  3. Generate Link Previews – This feature allows you to preview links sent in your chats. This feature is usually turned OFF by default, but if you are in the habit of previewing the links you receive, before opening them, you can turn this feature ON.
  4. Blocked List – This allows you to see the contacts or numbers that you have blocked from contacting you.
  5. Always Relay Calls – This feature allows you to relay all your calls through the Signal server. By doing this, your recipient will not be able to check your IP address. You can enable this feature, but keep in mind that this feature is known to downgrade the call quality.
  6. Show Calls in Recents – This will make sure that calls you make on the Signal Messaging app will show up in the recent section of your smartphone’s Phone app. You can toggle this feature ON/OFF.
  7. PIN Reminders – Since Signal cannot help you retrieve your security PIN for the app, it keeps asking you to enter the PIN every few days in order to ensure that you remember it.
  8. Registration Lock – For those of you who want that extra layer of security, you can turn on the Registration Lock feature. This will require your Signal app PIN to register your phone number with the platform Again.
  9. Screen Lock (Toggle ON/OFF) – Using this feature, you can unlock the Signal App using the screen lock that you have on your smartphone. Keep in mind that you can still answer calls on your Signal App while the Screen lock is still on.
  10. Enable Screen Security (Toggle ON/OFF) – This is a unique feature that acts when you are using the app switcher on your smartphone. Usually, when you use the app switcher, you get a preview of what is going on in all the apps that are active in the background. This includes messages within any messengers that you have running in the background. This privacy options prevents any Signal message previews from appearing within the app switcher.
  11. Clear Chat History – This allows you to clear all of the chat history on the Signal Messaging app.
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This is a summary of the Privacy features on offer, within the Signal Messaging app, and how you can change them in order to customize your Signal app experience.

You can download your copy of the Signal messaging app from the link below.

Signal for Android – Click Here.

Signal for iOS – Click Here.

Signal for PC – Click Here.