How Live Casinos are Bringing Realistic Casino Gaming Experience to Your Home

How Live Casinos are Bringing Realistic Casino Gaming Experience to Your Home

Online casinos have made gambling so much easier to access. Today, anyone can play any casino game at any time and place. What’s even better is that live casino gaming is also now available to anyone with a capable device and has access to the internet.

The live casino in India from 10CRIC is making people’s online gambling experience realistic and even more fun than regular casino games online. Many players who have given live casinos a try are no longer looking back and would usually only play with live dealer games after their first experience. 

It’s simply a great way to enjoy real casino gaming anywhere and most especially, in the comfort of your home. Now, how do live casinos work, and is it safe and fair? Well, we’re here to tell you all about live casino gaming so keep on reading!

What Happens in a Live Casino?

Playing at a live casino is just like taking a seat at an actual casino table, but it’s all virtual. Think of it as watching a live stream on platforms like Twitch TV. However, you’re watching a live dealer on a real casino table who’s interacting with you. 

A live table can also be social because you get to play with other online players too from around the world. There is a chat box that allows you to communicate with them and even with the dealer. If there’s no one else on the table, it’s completely fine as you can still play with just the dealer.

While we did say it’s just like watching a dealer on a live stream, there’s more to it than just a dealer on a casino table in front of a camera. A live casino setup has more than just those things mentioned. Typically, a live casino table is set in a studio with high-definition cameras placed around a dealer.

A typical setup would have at least two or three cameras that let you see different angles of the table. One camera is focused on the dealer, another is focused on the table, and one more would show you a close-up of the cards or the roulette wheel.

The casino table also looks like an actual table you’ll see in land casinos. However, it’s not just a table because it is equipped with sensors and a game control unit that helps you have a better view of what’s happening and help the dealer update the game details you see on your screen.

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You’ll also notice that when playing card games at a live casino, the cards look different as they have bigger symbols and numbers. This is ideal so you can easily see what cards are being dealt with. 

The cards are also placed in a container that sits near a sensor. Aside from the symbols and numbers being big, the cards are also equipped with chips that would go through the sensor whenever the dealer pulls it out of the holder. This way, the computer can update the card information you see on your screen in real-time.

The same goes for a game of live roulette. The dealer doesn’t just use a regular roulette wheel. They use a wheel with built-in sensors so the computer can update the details you see on your screen about where the ball has landed in real-time.

The dealers themselves also have a monitor where they can see the chats of the player and even the players themselves. Some tables let the participants play with their cameras, but of course, you don’t have to keep your camera on all the time if you don’t want to.

With all that, live casinos are capable of giving you a realistic casino gaming experience. It’s as if you’re at an actual casino table in the comfort of your home. The experience will also be enjoyable because casinos make sure that they only give you charming and well-trained dealers.


Many online gambling sites now offer live dealer games. Some of the popular live casino software providers today are Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, and Betsoft. While there are still traditional online casinos that don’t offer live games, they will likely offer this eventually.

More and more players are starting to prefer live dealer games because it’s not just about playing games anymore. It’s also a fun and even social online activity that both new and seasoned gamblers can easily enjoy.

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