How Can I Condense My Essay To Meet The Allocated Limit?

The subject of how to cut down the length of an essay to fit inside a specified number of words, characters, or pages is one of the most frequently asked by students. This exemplifies only one of the numerous difficulties that are presented by application essays. In such pieces, you will not only be expected to present compelling personal information that advances your candidacy, but you will also typically be required to do it within a word count limit of 500, a character count limit of 5,300, or on a single page with single spacing. Work with an expert essay writer to help deliver your work according to all the requirements set by your professor.


In spite of these restrictions, students often hand in essays that are far longer than the minimum and maximum word counts required for a given assignment. They do this for a variety of reasons, the most common of which are that they expect nobody will notice the overage, that nobody will care about the overage, or that if 500 words is excellent, then 1,000 words must be twice as good. In almost all cases, it is not in your best advantage as an applicant to submit a resume that is longer than the allowed maximum, regardless of the reason for the longer length.


An application essay presents a number of challenges, one of which is properly answering the question provided within the allocated amount of space. If you answer a question that asks for no more than 500 words in your essay, you have failed that challenge even if you write an innovative and captivating essay that is 800 words long. Furthermore, when comparing two well-written essays, an admissions officer would likely be more pleased by the one that kept to the length restriction than by the one that surpassed it. This is because the former demonstrates greater awareness of the parameters of the assignment.


Keep in mind that the essay you write for your application is not the same thing as a typical writing assignment. It is a test meant to evaluate many different aspects of you, one of which is your capacity to pay attention to and adhere to instructions and regulations. If you disregard the word limit, you are demonstrating to the admissions committee that you did not read the prompt attentively or that you did not believe the word limit was important. In any case, even if your essay is very well-written, this first impression will not boost your chances of being accepted into the program.


Take a look at the following tips if you’re having trouble restricting the length of your essay within the allotted amount of space.



Due to the fact that personal essays nearly always have a word count constraint, it is quite important that you make effective use of the space that is provided to you. In order to accomplish this goal, you should state your points in the shortest amount of space feasible. If you look through your essay with an eye toward minimizing wordiness, you might be shocked to find that you can cut a significant number of words out of it. A professional homework helper tries to avoid unnecessary comments and goes straight to the point when writing your paper.


Ridiculous vocabulary

Students frequently believe that lengthy vocabulary would earn them higher marks for their writing assignments. It is OK for a writer to employ a sophisticated vocabulary when doing so comes easily to them, but it is not acceptable when the terminology is used wrongly or when it is used in an inappropriate context. 


In addition, an admissions officer can probably tell if you’ve utilized a dictionary or thesaurus to fill your essay with complex and arcane terminology if you’ve used one of those resources to fill in the blanks. Instead of focusing on utilizing difficult words and overly complicated constructs, try to present a tale that is simple yet evocative.


Remove the excess fat

Certain terms that are frequently utilized in application essays do not add anything meaningful to the story. These excessive words make the language more confusing and simply plain puffy, which in turn saps the vitality from the writing. In virtually every case, the words and phrases listed below may be eliminated from an essay.


I think that, I hope that, I believe that, I realized that, I learned that, in other words, in order to, in fact, the fact that, it is essential that, it is important to see that, the reason why, the thing that is most important is, this is important because, this means that, the point is that, really, very, somewhat, absolutely, definitely, surely, truly, probably, practically, hopefully, in conclusion, in conclusion, in conclusion, in conclusion, in conclusion, in conclusion, in conclusion


The professionals at can help deliver a quality paper that meets the required word count as well as every other requirement while containing all the information required to give you a good grade.



Keep in mind that the essay does not have to include all there is to know about you. You do not have to mention every extracurricular activity that you have participated in on your resume, nor are you required to strive to emphasize your leadership qualities, collaboration abilities, compassion, determination, diversity, and creative ability all in the same piece. 


The essay is not designed to be a documentary film that covers all aspects of your life; rather, it is supposed to be a snapshot of one part of your life. Therefore, make sure you keep your attention on the question at hand. Spend some time figuring out the specifics of what it is that the essay is looking for, and then construct a response that concisely addresses the primary topic that is posed.


If you find that your essay is still too long even after attempting these, ask a friend, a professor, or a professional editor to review it with you and point out places that may be shortened or even eliminated entirely. 


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Even while it may appear to you that everything in your essay is essential to the success of the paper as a whole, a third party will be able to offer a more objective view as to what aspects of your essay are significant and what aspects are less significant. If you are having trouble shortening an admissions essay, feedback may be of tremendous assistance, regardless of whether you need to remove 50 words or 500 words from the essay.



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