Honor's folding phone makes its long awaited European debut

Honor’s folding phone makes its long awaited European debut

In December, select users were given the opportunity to test out Honor’s second foldable device, the Magic VS, which was intended to be the first to be sold in the Western market. Despite being a Chinese market prototype with some rough edges, it presented a compelling case for its existence. Now, three months later, Honor has unveiled the finished version of the device at MWC, which will be available for sale in the Western market. The device is priced at €1,599 (around $1,690) for the one model, which comes with 12GB RAM and 512GB storage, the same as Samsung’s Z Flip 4, except for the fact that the Z Flip 4 comes with only 256GB storage.

According to those who have spent time with the device, there are several features that are worthy of praise, including the fact that it folds flat. Honor believes that the second-generation hinge, which keeps the device tidy in your pocket, is particularly noteworthy, and has promised that it can withstand 400,000 folds before breaking. Users may also find themselves gravitating towards the internal screen, which, while not as well-equipped as the 6.45-inch exterior screen, is good enough to watch movies or check emails on. It is also fast enough to run most applications without issue.

However, some experts suggest that these types of devices may not represent the future of foldables, with narrower, more fashionable clamshells such as Oppo’s Find N2 and Samsung’s latest Z Flip being more pocket-friendly and practical for the average user. Nonetheless, for those who desire a device that can handle more complex tasks while on-the-go, the bulkier versions of foldable phones remain preferable.

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