Honor X8A Review

Honor X8A Review

Picture owning a smartphone that fulfils all your needs without breaking the bank. A smartphone boasting a sophisticated design, formidable performance, and a breathtaking camera. A smartphone that can keep pace with your hectic lifestyle and never falter. Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, say hello to the Honor X8A, the newest entry-level device from Honor that will astound you with its impressive features and value. The market today, only has a place for the absolute best, no matter the range, and Honor knows a thing or two about giving their devices a top-notch makeover. They have historically made smartphones that have challenged the norm, and also given their fans, a lot of reasons to be excited and stay loyal to the brand, no matter the outcome.

We managed to get an Honor X8A in the office, and in this review, we are going to dive deep into the latest offering from Honor and tell you the good and not so good aspects, so that you can ultimately decide, whether it is the smartphone for you.

Let’s get started –

The Design

One of the Honor X8A’s primary selling points is its design, which exudes elegance and premium quality. Its metal frame and glass back with a gradient effect give it a sophisticated appearance while feeling sturdy and comfortable to hold, owing to its compact size and weight. In addition, it’s a rarity for a budget smartphone to have an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance.

The back camera setup is impressive, boasting three lenses with diverse shooting modes. The camera module’s circular design matches the logo on the back, creating a seamless look. Furthermore, the front camera is discreetly located in a small punch-hole cutout on the display, making it unobtrusive and not affecting the viewing experience.

The facial recognition system on the Honor X8A is speedy and reliable, even in low-light conditions, utilizing infrared sensors to scan your face and unlock the device securely. Additionally, the under-display fingerprint scanner is convenient and trustworthy.

The Honor X8A comes in three stunning colors, each with a unique gradient effect that changes with light. Among them, the Cyan Lake stands out as the most distinctive and stylish, in our opinion.


The Display