Honda's Dual Sport Adventure: CRF300LS and XR150L to Join 2023 U.S. Lineup

Honda’s Dual Sport Adventure: CRF300LS and XR150L to Join 2023 U.S. Lineup

Honda is planning to introduce two dual-sport models to its U.S. lineup: the CRF300LS and the XR150L. Both models were featured in the latest vehicle certification data given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board, suggesting they would be introduced to the 2023 portfolio.

The CRF300LS is a version of the CRF300L and CRF300L Rally, two models that have been in Honda’s U.S. portfolio for a few years now. American Honda has yet to unveil the 2023 CRF300L, although its European counterparts revealed an upgrade in December. For 2023, the CRF300L gains hand guards and, at least for Europe, a new Swift Gray colour option to pair with Honda’s standard Extreme Red.

The new “S” variation is presumably a lower seat height version, following in the footsteps of Kawasaki’s KLX230 and KLR650 S variants. The KLX230S has a seat height of 32.7 inches compared to 34.8 inches for the KLX230, while the KLR650S has a 32.1-inch seat height compared to the KLR650’s 34.3-inch seat height. If this is true, we may anticipate the CRF300LS to have a more reasonable seat height than the CRF300L’s 34.7 inches.

The XR150L may be new to U.S. buyers, but the dual-sport should be known to folks in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Marketed in Australia and New Zealand as an agricultural bike. The XR150L is powered by a 149cc OHC air-cooled carbureted Single, claiming an output of 12.5 horsepower @ 7,750 rpm. The engine is created by Sundiro Honda, a joint venture between Honda and Chinese business Sundiro, and built-in Mexico (where the Honda Navi mini bike is also produced) (where the Honda Navi mini bike is also produced).

The XR150L boasts a 32.4-inch seat height, which is reasonably tolerable for a dual sport. The telescopic fork delivers 7.1 inches of travel while the rear wheel has 5.9 inches of travel. The front wheel is fitted with a two-piston calliper while the rear has a drum brake. The gasoline tank carries 3.2 gallons, which is fairly huge compared to the CRF300L’s 2.1-gallon tank, and even the XR650L’s 2.8-gallon tank. Honda New Zealand reports a curb weight of 284 pounds.

Honda’s inclusion of these two dual-sport vehicles in its U.S. inventory is excellent news for off-road aficionados. The CRF300LS and XR150L provide a more controllable seat height and a variety of features that make them suited for both on and off-road excursions. With the 2023 lineup swiftly approaching, it’s probable that American Honda will reveal these cars shortly.