With the world switching to HDTVs, people thought of it to be the ultimate display. However, people were taken in for a visual delight in 2014 with the introduction of 4K TV. In a 4K TV, the pixels displayed are four times that of a HDTV, enabling you to enjoy the finest detail in your content. There are various service providers who broadcast content in 4K and also, several videos can be watched on YouTube in 4K resolution. A 4K TV has a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels, letting you view images and videos with clarity even in the minutest detail.

Although not much content is available in 4K, many of the broadcasters are now considering to introduce 4K, as it is getting popular and growing day by day. Thus, 4K streaming would be a reality within a year or two. The details are more than fine and due to the high pixel density, 4K TVs come in larger sizes as they need adequate physical space to display such high number of pixels. The 4K series start from 55 inches and go all the way up till 110 inches. It is up to your convenience and the size of the room that you select the best suited-size for you.

The 4K TV size should be chosen appropriately and should fit perfectly in the room, leaving adequate space between the TV panel and the seating arrangement so that the viewing experience stays rich. Ideally, distances of 3 meters are recommended when 4K TVs are to be used. In marketing terms, 4K is known as Ultra HD and it comes packed with a great range of features.

Gradually, 4K would become the new viewing standard and all the broadcasters and Blu-Ray discs would come in 4K resolution. Sony already has the upper hand as they have a great selection to choose from in the 4K category. Also, viewing 1080p videos on a 4K TV is a charm, as the TV makes use of efficient interpolation algorithms, which assure you of a great viewing experience. With the quality enhanced and the brilliant display of colors, viewing content on a 4K TV is a charm and would facilitate a wonderful experience for the viewers. What makes it a standard is that, even the local cinema makes use of 4K content to display their movies. You would be having a theatre-like experience at your place by viewing the content in 4K.

With all the major manufacturers coming up with their newest lineups of 4K Ultra HD TVs, any potential buyer would have a wide range to choose from. Also, due to the seamless connectivity features added to the 4K TV, these TVs can be connected to a wide range of devices such as cameras, Chromecast, AppleTV, mobile phones etc. which would make it easy for you to connect any device and experience true 4K HD quality. It also has input options for HDMI 2.0 port, which allows higher data transfer rates, making it easy for the 4K content to get transferred.