Twitter announced upcoming product improvements to the platform in the coming months.

Native video – Aside from just watching video more easily, users will be able to record, edit and share their own videos natively on Twitter too. This feature is expected be rolled out in the first half of next year.

· Surface relevant Tweets – With over 500 million Tweets published every day, Twitter are exploring ways to surface relevant Tweets so the content that is interesting to users is easy to discover – whether they stay on Twitter all day or visit for a few minutes – while still preserving the real-time nature of the platform that makes Twitter special.

· Personalized timeline – Twitter are working on an instant, personalized timeline for new users who don’t want to spend time cultivating one on their own.

· Direct Messages – Twitter have several updates coming that will make it easy to take a public conversation private. The first of these was announced yesterday and will begin rolling out next week: the ability to share and discuss Tweets natively and privately via Direct Messages.