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Guide to Instant Messaging mobile Apps.

With the ever-growing popularity of smartphones, the amount of instant messaging apps has also been on the rise. When trawling through the masses of apps that are available on the apple app store and android store, smartphone users can get very lost. So here is a guide to the most popular and effective instant messaging apps currently available.

WhatsApp Messenger

This app is a cross-platform messaging app that is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. The program uses the same internet data plan that is used for email and web browsing, so you can contact anyone providing they too have WhatsApp. As well as providing basic messaging, WhatsApp also allows users to create specific groups for private chats and allows users to send unlimited images, video and audio media messages.




Facebook Messenger

This free app although separate to the Facebook app, enables the chat function without having to open Facebook. It connects to Facebook and contacts people via their Facebook profile. This means that you don’t need to know their phone number to keep in contact. You can also move effortlessly between your computer and smartphone for each of your chat sessions. You use the app to text your phone contacts, even if they aren’t on Facebook and you can make calls to friends who also have the app (even if they live abroad). It also has a range of cool stickers (emoticons) that you can send to others that have the app.





Snapchat allows its users to share photos and videos, but only temporarily. The sender can set a viewing time between one and ten seconds for their photos and videos before the hit send. The receiver can see the photo or video for the set amount if time, before it is automatically deleted. This app is usually used to communicate with family and friends for more casual conversations. It is important to note however that receivers do have the ability to screen shot these images, so be mindful when sending more private or sensitive images.




Kik Messenger

This app is also a cross-platform messaging app that works with a range of different smartphones. Kik uses usernames rather than mobile phone numbers to connect with others, so you don’t need to have someone’s contact details to get in touch with them, they just need to have Kik. Kik offers conventional messaging as well as offering the ability to exchange videos, sketches and stickers. Kik now offers a built-in browser, allowing you to browse and share websites with your friends while messaging them.




Although some of these apps may work with your 3G and 4G mobile networks, a strong Wi-Fi connection is recommended for effective and uninterrupted use of instant messaging apps. If you need help establishing a more effective Wi-Fi connection in your workplace or business, consider contacting a company, such as My Port., that specialises in Wi-Fi Internet solutions.