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5 Ways to Be a Better Social Media Manager

Managing social media as efficiently as possible can prove to be a tricky task. Not only do you have a variety of platforms to think about, but the industry changes so often you might find yourself falling behind. Here are a few tips to keep you on top of your social media management.

1. Have a Voice

You need your company to become a brand. Becoming a brand requires having a voice your brand can stick to, one that matches your company’s philosophy.

Branding can help you figure out the attitude your company wants to represent. It’s an important choice to make, too, because different companies have different sorts of voices. Some companies come off as completely serious. Other companies add some snark or mystery. Find where you want to take stances on things and where you want to remain neutral. This should help keep some loyalty among your followers.

2. Use Visuals as Much as Possible

Everybody knows visuals are effective, but these days, it’s often the only way to truly get people to pay attention. Most articles include a picture, at the very least, so when people post it as a tweet or a status update, the photo can grab the audience’s attention.

It doesn’t matter whether your business or the service it provides is visual at all, you can still use visuals to enhance your posts. Take screenshots of demonstrations. Find a photo of a quote or a relevant infographic. Take pictures at your place of work or at a company event.

3. Recognize Members/Fans/Customers

Anybody you notice going out of their way, doing anything special, or consistently helping the company, should get recognition on social media. Of course, depending on the business, you can’t always recognize everybody who helps, but social media offers a quick, simple, and easy platform for shining a light on those who help out.

4. Know the Industry

When managing a page for somebody else, you need to know the industry you’re working in. Regardless of the subject matter, it’s important to know the consumer well. Some people get an MBA degree to better understand how business works. That way you can really make your company look good. You’ll have more training to know how to deal with customers, how to reach people, and what to expect.

You can also use tools like Google Analytics to help you learn more about your own company.

5. Respond Quickly

One of the biggest advantages social media offers to consumers is the ability to easily contact a company. You need to respect their ability and answer their questions and concerns as quickly as possible. Even if you don’t know exactly how to answer a question, it’s better to let them know you heard them than to ignore them. Just tell them you’ll get back to them when you can. Most businesses don’t have an overwhelming amount of questions coming in from social media, so you can get back to people in a timely manner.

Don’t fall behind. Stay on top of your social media efforts to help keep your business ahead of the game.