GTA V Source Code Leak Unveils Secrets, Sparks Concerns for GTA VI Release

Rockstar Games Faces Turmoil as GTA V Source Code Leak Reveals Bully 2, GTA VI Details, and Potential Delays

So, last week, we were all buzzing about the hacker behind GTA VI getting some hospital time. Now, whispers are getting louder that the entire source code for GTA V has hit the internet. It might even mess with the launch of the highly anticipated GTA VI. Rockstar Games hasn’t said a peep about it yet.

According to the gaming grapevine, YouTuber SKizzle spilled the beans on December 24, 2023, that the whole shebang of GTA V source code is out in the open. But wait, there’s more! This leak spilled details about Bully 2 and the mysterious next Grand Theft Auto chapter, once codenamed Project Americas.

An eagle-eyed user on X shared a screenshot of the leaked GTA V source code, giving it the official stamp of “Yep, this is real.” Word is, this source code party is happening on a Discord server, a Telegram channel, and even the dark web.

This leak might not just be a bummer for GTA V fans. The gaming sleuths are saying it could throw a wrench into the gears of GTA VI’s release.

This leak spilled the beans on more than just GTA secrets. It pulled back the curtain on an unreleased game called Midnight Club 5. The gaming community is buzzing like a beehive, trying to wrap their heads around what this means for the future of Rockstar Games.

There’s this 18-year-old hacker named Arion Kurtaj, part of a group called Lapsus$, who just got a hospital order for leaking unreleased GTA VI clips. The dude, diagnosed with autism, played a big role in cyber-attacks on big shots like Uber, Nvidia, and yes, Rockstar Games. This hacker leaked 90 unreleased GTA VI clips, threw them on a forum under the name TeaPotUberHacker, and even dropped some source code.