Grind Rails, Attack on Titan Crossover, and More in Fortnite Cyber Punk Update

Grind Rails, Attack on Titan Crossover, and More in Fortnite Cyber Punk Update

The next Fortnite update is now out, and Chapter 4 Season 2 may be the most drastic change yet, transporting players to a neon-soaked futuristic metropolis equipped with grind rails, swords, Japanese-inspired structures, and an Attack on Titan crossover event. Although sections of the current Fortnite season have been leaked by dataminers or outright teased by Epic Games, the freshly released gameplay teaser provides fans a lot of insight into what they can anticipate straight now.

Fortnite saw a number of significant modifications in Chapter 4, including an engine swap that made use of Unreal Engine 5 capabilities such as Lumen-powered global lighting, Nanite technology for finer details, and more. Nevertheless, that Medieval setting with The Witcher and DOOM crossovers proved to be simply the first step in showcasing the new aesthetics, as Chapter 2 takes things even further with a futuristic metropolis setting steeped in Neon lights mixed with more serene Japanese-inspired villages dotting the globe.



The most recent Fortnite gameplay teaser shows all of the new modifications, nearly making the conventional battle royale seem to be a whole other game. The action begins in the rainy MEGA City setting, where players may grind and battle on fast-moving rail systems or take to the streets for more urban warfare. Soon after, the film shifts to a Japanese-inspired rural side named Steamy Springs, where the new Kinetic Blade weapon is seen with one of the most recent characters to join the roster, Mystica.

The next crossover IP to blend with Fortnite is none other than Attack on Titan, as many noticed ahead of the Fortnite Mega launch earlier today. Fans may get a decent glimpse of Eren Jaeger in the trailer’s latter half, based on his youthful appearance as a member of the Survey Corps in the anime. Even better, Epic has integrated the anime’s Omni-Directional Maneuvering Gear system, which allows players to grab onto objects and zip across to them swiftly, much like a waist-mounted grapple gear. Gamers may even connect to adversaries and zoom in for a classic anime-style blow.

The update also includes a slew of new and previously unseen weaponry, as well as character skins and reality augments. Nevertheless, it seems that most of this information was previously known by the community, as data miners such as ShiinaBR and HYPEX have continued to tease players with fresh glances at some of the new skins in Fortnite’s seasonal battle pass. The pair eventually avoided revealing many of the surprises, preferring to give Epic Games first go at it before disclosing the majority of the new information.