Google's Project Ellman Aims to Create Personal Life Stories Using Deep Data Analysis

Google’s Project Ellman Aims to Create Personal Life Stories Using Deep Data Analysis

Google is developing some crazy AI called Project Ellman that wants to tell your entire life story!

According to leaked documents, Ellman analyzes your photos, files, and search history to build a “bird’s eye view” of your life. It can supposedly figure out things like your birthday, family, where you’ve lived, what you like to eat – super personal stuff.

It’s reminiscent of Google Photos’ Memories feature but way more invasive using data across Google services. There’s also an Ellman Chat bot that can answer super specific personal questions, like when your brother last visited town.

To me this sounds super creepy! The AI would be digging deep into your digital footprint and surfacing really private info. Where is all that data going?

It seems like Google may be using this to feed its new Gemini AI model. Generative AIs need tons of data to keep growing. So this could be a way to hoover up more user content. Definitely raises some red flags on privacy.

Google says this is just early internal exploration for now. If it’s ever released, they’ll focus on being helpful while protecting privacy. But they don’t have the best track record there despite claims to the contrary.

I really hope this doesn’t see the light of day as is. An AI scrapbooking your life could be cool if done right, but this sounds invasive. We don’t need Google analyzing our every digital breadcrumb and moment. Hard pass!