ChatGPT Takes a Break: OpenAI Admits 'Laziness' Amidst Month-Long Update Hiatus

ChatGPT Takes a Break: OpenAI Admits ‘Laziness’ Amidst Month-Long Update Hiatus

Lots of folks have noticed ChatGPT seems a little off its game lately. Turns out even the brains at OpenAI admit their AI chatbot has gotten kinda “lazy” without any new updates for over a month now.

OpenAI came clean on social media that they haven’t given ChatGPT any tune-ups since November 11th. While they say it wasn’t on purpose, the lack of attention has definitely made ChatGPT less on the ball when answering questions. OpenAI hinted that AI can be unpredictable – so maybe they didn’t even realize there was an issue until users pointed it out!

Even though they fessed up about ChatGPT’s declining performance, OpenAI didn’t say exactly when we can expect them to get ChatGPT back to normal. So if you actually rely on that chatbot for stuff, you’ll probably need to find another smart assistant until OpenAI gets around to fixing things.

OpenAI did make it clear that ChatGPT itself hasn’t changed since last month. But looks like small differences in how it behaves can really mess up certain conversations. Some folks suggested trying to phrase questions very specifically as a temporary fix before OpenAI rolls out a real solution.

This comes just as Google announced its own ChatGPT copycat called Gemini. But from what I hear, Gemini isn’t nearly as clever as advertised. Maybe both OpenAI and Google should give their AI bots a little Christmas vacation to work out some kinks before the new year? For now though, it looks like even a lazier ChatGPT beats the new guy Gemini. But lots of people are eagerly awaiting the day OpenAI gives ChatGPT a reboot to get back to its old reliable self!