Google's HD Chromecast with Google TV is now less expensive than before

Google’s HD Chromecast with Google TV is now less expensive than before

Chromecast with Google TV has been one of the best methods to add extra streaming alternatives to an existing setup since 2020, owing in part to the fact that the devices are usually on sale. To that point, Amazon has reduced the price of both types of streaming sticks in advance of the Super Bowl weekend. The 4K version is now available for slightly under $40 after a 20% discount. Meanwhile, the HD model has reached a new all-time low of $19.98.

If you’re on a budget or like how Google does things over its rivals, both the 4K and HD versions of Chromecast with Google TV are fantastic possibilities. In 2020, Engadget awarded the 4K version an 86. Highlights included outstanding Google Assistant integration, a comfortable and simple-to-use remote, and compatibility with Dolby Vision and Atmos. The HD version is also terrific and an attractive alternative if you haven’t yet upgraded to a 4K TV. Poor performance used to be one of the reasons to avoid using a Chromecast with Google TV system, but Google published a software update last summer to remedy that problem. As a result, unless you’re ready to spend a lot more money on something like an Apple TV, it’s difficult to go wrong with one of Google’s streaming sticks.

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