Apple may be developing a more expensive iPhone 'Ultra

Apple may be developing a more expensive iPhone ‘Ultra

A new flagship iPhone might be released next year. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is contemplating releasing a more costly iPhone “Ultra” that would sit above the iPhone Pro and Pro Max. According to him, the gadget might be available as early as next year.

Apple was thinking of renaming the next iPhone 15 Pro Max the iPhone 15 Ultra. Now, he claims there is proof that Apple plans to provide a more powerful and pricey iPhone to wealthy customers. Gurman specifically mentions a recent remark made by Apple CEO Tim Cook. “The iPhone has become so fundamental [to] people’s life,” Cook said when asked whether the iPhone’s rising average price was sustainable. “I believe people are prepared to go to great lengths to have the finest they can afford in that area.”

It’s unclear how Apple will distinguish the new model. According to Gurman, the iPhone Ultra might include a faster CPU, better camera hardware than the Pro and Pro Max, and an even bigger display than the Pro and Pro Max. “There may also be other forward-thinking improvements, like ultimately removing the charging port,” he says.

It’s worth noting that rumours on the iPhone 15 line indicate Apple is already looking for ways to distinguish the Pro models from their mainstream siblings. According to one recent source, the forthcoming Pro models may have a WiFi 6E connection, but the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus arrive with WiFi 6 antennas. Other distinguishing characteristics of the Pro variants might include revamped titanium frames with haptic volume and power buttons. According to reports, Apple will also include a periscope camera lens with the Pro Max.

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