Google makes Chrome and Chrome OS available for enterprise security and control integrations

Google makes Chrome and Chrome OS available for enterprise security and control integrations

Google’s new Chrome Enterprise Connectors Framework demonstrates how Chromebooks may work in “zero trust” corporate contexts. The new integration framework is intended to make it easier for IT departments to integrate the Chrome browser and Chrome OS devices with existing security, endpoint, and authentication systems, as well as issue management tools.

Google products such as Google Admin and Chrome Browser Cloud Management will continue to be used in the corporate to manage and enroll Chrome OS devices. However, new solutions such as Chrome OS Data Controls give organizations more options for allowing or restricting tasks such as printing, screen capture, copy/paste, and other potential data loss scenarios. It is presently available through the Trusted Tester program and may help IT better manage unstable Chrome OS releases.

Chromebooks have vastly outperformed Windows PCs, Macs, and iPads in the educational sector. However, with PC shipments down in the first quarter of this year, Google is aiming to widen its perspective – and this is where getting serious for the enterprise comes in. Chrome OS is an odd platform that can run on a variety of PC hardware and even Macs via Chrome OS Flex, can run Android apps but also coexists with that OS, and can even run Windows VMs via Parallels.

Google boasts Chrome OS as having “never had a reported successful ransomware attack or any proof of a recorded, successful malware attack” and intends to keep it that way through new collaborations. Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome OS protects systems as well, enabling disc and memory encryption.

Google invites IT professionals to register for Chrome Enterprise Day on June 8th to learn more about Chrome enterprise solutions. You may also try Chrome browser and Splunk integration, gain access to the Trusted Tester Program to test Palo Alto Networks and Crowdstrike Chrome integrations later, and begin a free trial of HP’s Proactive Insights (if you have an HP Chrome device).

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