Open the kimono

Meaning – The term ‘open the kimono’, refers to revealing everything (or many guarded details) to someone. Similar to ”open the books” or an “open-door policy,” opening the kimono means revealing the inner workings of a project or company to an outside party. The offensive term is also referred to as “opening (up) one’s kimono.”

Companies often keep internal projects a secret, especially if they feel it will create a competitive advantage. When companies partner together for synergy, divulging some of the interior workings of your business can build trust and create a deeper, more loyal relationship between the corporate leadership.

Example of usage“The use of the phrase ‘open the kimono’ in a business context dates back to the 1970s. The phrase came into common usage around 1998. New York Times reporter Stephen Greenhouse became one of the first to draw broad attention to the term when he noted that marketers at Microsoft (MSFT) had embraced it.”