GigaBash is reportedly releasing a Godzilla DLC

GigaBash is reportedly releasing a Godzilla DLC

Gigabash, a multiplayer brawler, has shown off its newest playable fighter, Godzilla, and confirmed the release date for the impending DLC. In Gigabash, players participate in arena combat as massive monsters known as Kaiju. Though the combatants are influenced by known Kaiju characters, they are entirely unique creations so far. However, this looks to be changing.

Passion Republic Games, based in Malaysia, makes its debut with Gigabash. The game was published early this year by a tiny, independent company to generally good reviews, with most agreeing that it delivered on its promise of crazy co-op fun that’s simple to pick up and play with friends. Gigabash currently has ten playable Kaiju, ranging from Gigaman, a retired superhero, to Kongkrete, a monster that looks to be a sentient structure. The creators issued a short cooperation teaser in September, indicating the inclusion of Godzilla in the lineup but without providing a glimpse at the character or any other information.

Passion Republic Games has now released a longer teaser, giving fans a closer look at Godzilla and revealing the DLC’s release date: December 9, 2022. In line with the game’s environmental concept, the movie begins with a sweeping look over a destroyed metropolis, since all combat takes place among destructible structures. The image eventually fades to darkness, and a silhouette of Godzilla fills the screen for a brief period. The monster’s rear scales charge up, indicating the arrival of its hallmark assault, the atomic breath beam. The picture fades back to darkness as the spectator hears Kaiju’s unmistakable scream, which has been present since the original Godzilla films.

The comments on the video on YouTube were filled with enthusiasm and support for both the new fighter and the indie studio in general. Many spectators were surprised that the king of all Kaiju was the first new character to be introduced to the game, particularly given the developer’s modest size and the game’s lack of popularity. The first teaser, released a few months ago, referenced a partnership, the nature of which is unclear. Toho Co. has controlled the Godzilla franchise from its beginning, although the extent of their participation here is unknown.

Gigabash, with its simplicity of play, fits neatly into the party game niche. It’s something that practically any player, regardless of skill level, can do. So include Godzilla, a figure that, like the game, can appeal to a broad spectrum of people, which makes perfect sense. To be acquainted with the famous monster, one does not need to know the buried history of the Godzilla series.

More straightforward experiences, such as Gigabash, are welcome in a gaming universe that can get mired down in skill trees and levelling up. And with Godzilla’s name power, maybe more players will be exposed to the insane joy this game delivers.