The internet is now a necessity to us all, so much so that we check our smartphone for the latest news before we even brush our teeth. With this growing necessity of the internet, there is also a huge demand for faster speeds. No one wants to or even has the patience to wait even two minutes for the webpage to load or a video to stream on their favorite output channels. This is where ACT Fibernet comes in.


What is ACT Fibernet ?


ACT Fibernet is a Bangalore based Internet Service provider which prides itself to be the first to introduce the Gigabit service in India. Founded in 2000 by Mr. Sundar Raju, ACT Fibernet has grown to become India’s largest fiber broadband in India with a staggering customer base of 1.2 million. What’s more, the company has racked up an impressive turnover of 1200 Crore, which translates to a y-o-y growth of 15-40%. In 2016, ACT Fibernet was also recognised as one of the top 100 best companies to work for in India by the GPTWtm. Aside from all these accolades, ACT fibernet has always been putting the need of the customers before their own, and have also engaged in a campaign to make every area inter-connected. They seek to bring in high speed connectivity to other cities as well, so that everyone can make use of this service and empower themselves. In a world where internet is everything, this move is a master stroke.


The ACT Fibernet GigaBit Event –


Based in India, ACT Fibernet has been slowly but surely bring the “Internet Revolution” to the people of the country and while they too started their business offering the then relevant 512 Kbps speeds, they have overtaken all major internet service providers and brought to India, for the very first time, a gigabit connection !


After successfully launching this service in Hyderabad, ACT Fibernet decided to go one up and on the 13th of December, gave the press of Bengaluru a live demonstration of what they have managed to achieve. At an event which saw keynotes by the Founding members of ACT Fibernet, and also the Minister for startups and IT of Karnataka, ACT Fibernet gave those who were present at the event, a real life demo of the Gigabit connection and the absolutely blistering speeds it offers.


Further, those in attendance also got a chance to head to the ‘Experience Center’ where we got a personal demonstration as well as the different applications of this new connection. What I personally loved the most about this new service is that ACT Fibernet will be making this connection available to not just big industries, but also regular household consumers as well.


With this introduction of the Gigabit service, Bengaluru has now become the second State in India to enjoy this sensational new speed. ACT has mentioned that they are trying their level best to bring this service across the nation but they will wait it out and set things up first before taking the quantum leap. They also believe that with this new introduction, Bengaluru will officially become the startup capital of India. In addition to all of this, we were also told that Karnataka is also trying out/ experimenting with 5G connectivity and lot of effort is going towards bringing 5G into the country at the earliest.


ACT Gigabit Plans –


The Gigabit service will be rolled out in the form of well defined plans as follows –


ACT GIGA offers 1Gbps speed at a monthly rental of INR 5,999. In addition, we also get the option to choose a 6 month subscription at INR 35,994 and a 12 month subscription for INR 71,988.


SME Plan –


ACT SME GIGA Plus offers users an FUP of 1TB at 1Gbps speed, following which, the speed is throttled down to 5 Mbps This plan is available on a monthly basis at this point at a price of INR 15,000.


Closing Words –


ACT will start rolling out to existing and new customers, so if you are someone who loves multitasking to the tunes of HD gaming, HD streaming and parallel downloading at high speeds, you should really look into ACT Fibernet and its various plans. If you are located in Hyderabad or Bengaluru, you can also avail their Gigabit plan. Other States stay tuned but make sure you join the ACT family because not only are they focussed in their approach, they also put the customer first.