General Motors Announces Plan to Phase Out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from its EV Lineup

General Motors Announces Plan to Phase Out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from its EV Lineup

Several automobile manufacturers promote smartphone connection as a selling factor, but GM will not do so in the future. GM digital head Edward Kummer and executive cockpit director Mike Himche told Reuters that the company will phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with next electric vehicles, commencing with the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV. You’ll have to rely on Android Automotive and its applications instead.

According to GM, users will receive eight years of free Google Assistant and Google Maps access. The corporation doesn’t say how much you’ll have to pay if you still require such features after that. We’ve reached out to GM for comment. It will continue to provide CarPlay and Android Auto in combustion engine vehicles, while current EVs will retain access. GM intends to launch an all-electric passenger car line by 2035.

According to the corporation, Android Automotive gives users more control over their experience. According to Himche, new driving assistance technologies will be “more firmly integrated” with navigation services, and GM does not want them to require a smartphone. Kummer also recognised that “subscription income prospects” exist. Be prepared to pay a regular price for some functions, as you currently do with several companies.

Android Automotive is gaining traction. In addition to GM, BMW, Honda, Polestar, Stellantis, Volvo, and Volkswagen are using it with or without Google applications. Nonetheless, the platform does not prevent CarPlay or Android Auto functionality. GM is removing such things on purpose. While this might lead to some new driver aids, it could also require you to mount your phone if the EV’s infotainment system doesn’t support an app or function.

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