Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 Could Boast Tougher Displays

Amidst Galaxy S24 buzz, Samsung is likely prepping the next generation of its foldable phones too – the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6. A telling new trademark filing hints these bendy devices will boast enhanced “Ironflex” displays.

Samsung submitted the Ironflex name to the Korean Intellectual Property Office linked to “foldable OLED” panels and phones. Unfortunately, the documentation doesn’t detail exactly what Ironflex entails. But the moniker alone suggests durable, resilient screens able to survive repeated folding.

Intriguingly, the filing also references foldable monitors, tablets, and more. So this tech could emerge across Samsung’s lineup, not just phones, as foldables expand into laptops and VR displays.




Though speculative for now, the timing and implication make sense. Foldable screen durability continues improving generation over generation, but the crease still presents a weak point compared to slab phones. If Samsung can convincingly market Ironflex as an ultra-tough folding display, it may ease durability doubts holding back some buyers.

We already know Samsung mobile chief TM Roh is targeting better dust protection for the next foldable cycle. Other expected upgrades include tweaked screen dimensions and possibly even integrated S Pen support on the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 launched in July 2023, so their followups will likely appear this coming July. By then, the Ironflex name drop could formally introduce display fortifications to convince fence-sitters about foldable resilience.

Between radical form factors and sky-high pricing, foldables remain niche. But Samsung continues iterating to boost appeal bit-by-bit each year. If Ironflex delivers demonstrably tougher folding screens as its aggressive moniker implies, that certainly helps position the Z series as viable phone options, not just novelties.