The modern generation has ample exposure to technology and sophisticated gadgets unlike the earlier ones. It has not spared any domain and certainly invaded the domain of education dominated by NCERT Textbooks positively. Below are certain ways through which technology could be utilized for boosting the learning capacity of students:

1. Foster the Spirit of Creativity:
It is a well known fact that young students are hell bent to create something on their own at a very young age. It hence asks the teachers to identify the unique talents, strengths and weaknesses of each student as everybody has a unique learning style and interests of their own and nurture them.

2. Feedback at the right time
The conventional educational system evaluates student performance based on their scores in the school tests. One of the major drawbacks of such tests is that it consumes a lot of time in evaluating answer sheets of every individual student. There would not be any such kind of time lag in latest educational pattern where evaluation and feedback happens on hourly basis for every activity or task carried out by the student.

3. Collaboration between teachers and students
This is one of the highly essential skills that should be possessed by everyone in this 21st century. Using the internet, students and teachers could work together as a team toward a common goal no matter how small or large it might sound. There are different resources available in the internet on fun learning activities for everyone.

4. Virtual/Augmented Reality
This has been one of the breakthroughs in technology which has been nothing short of a boon for tutors and students. Complex concepts could be grasped by anyone using simulation through watching videos loaded with virtual content that helps students and tutors to visualize complex concepts in the simplest possible manner.

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5. Use of Games
Present generation students are addicted to video games, cartoons, movies and so on which attracts their attention. Instead of just treating them as a distraction for students to learn, students are taught concepts through different games based on education like cross words, puzzles and so on. Students would be able to provide undivided attention to these games provide they are created in a manner it addresses their preferences.

6. Portability
Earlier the students once were outside their classrooms, there was no room for continuous learning or improvement other than textbooks irrespective of them following boards like the CBSE or State ones. However, presently there are no such hindrances as all the study materials and tutor support are available online 24*7, thanks to the improvements in educational technology.

From the above discussion, it is evident that technology is a wonderful add on for imparting educational concepts to students and would continue to do so in future.

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