Fujitsu Japan Takes a Turn: Spins Off PC and Hardware Business

Fujitsu Japan Takes a Turn: Spins Off PC and Hardware Business

Fujitsu is hitting a major reboot button, creating an independent Japanese hardware subsidiary called Fsas Technologies while restructuring itself into a greener, services-focused business by the 2030s. Launching April 2024, the spinoff completes a gradual disentanglement from low-margin hardware like PCs and data center gear to capture recurring revenues around integrated solutions.

The newly formed Fsas inherits over 7500 employees alongside Fujitsu’sPRIMERGY server, PRIMEQUEST server and ETERNUS storage portfolios. It assumes full responsibility spanning development through delivery and maintenance within Japan. This concentrates costly hardware expertise while freeing Fujitsu to hone consultative roles.

Already exiting Europe’s PC market in mid-2024, shedding hardware bounds Fujitsu deeper into managed services and infrastructure management spreading sustainability best practices across industries. The smaller Fsas better targets profitability struggles hardware incumbents face.

While maintaining integration partnerships, Fujitsu’s strategic shift acknowledges the services wave transforming IT spending. With deep customer ties, their focus on positive societal outcomes can resonant differently than traditional vendors. Skills in deploying technology for human impacts matter more today.

By dividing hardware and software skills into distinct business avenues, Fujitsu opens new trajectories to outmaneuver decline. Their 2030 vision looks beyond short-term returns toward environmental and social progress where technology and trust intersect. Carving divisions today seeds that transformation for customers tomorrow.