Foxconn Unveils stunning Electric Car at 2024 Geneva Motor Show

The Powerhouse Behind Apple's iPhone Takes on EVs

The 2024 Geneva Motor Show is unveiling some exciting new electric vehicles, including a highly anticipated model from an unexpected source – Apple’s iPhone maker Foxconn. Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturer, unveiled its first production-ready electric car this week in Geneva.

Foxconn Unveils Electric Car at 2024 Geneva Motor Show

Dubbed the Foxtron Model B, this sleek new EV was designed in partnership with legendary Italian design house Pininfarina. It’s a handsome five-seater with smooth, aerodynamic lines available in a sporty red color scheme. Inside and out, the Model B looks nearly ready to roll off assembly lines.


Geneva Motor Show


Foxconn says the Model B will deliver an impressive 500 kilometers (over 300 miles) of driving range per charge. It’s built on Foxconn’s new modular EV platform called MIH, or Mobility in Harmony, which will underpin other concepts including a dual-cab pickup truck.

While Foxconn has not revealed detailed performance specs, they promise the Model B will dominate its market segment with power to spare. The interior features the latest high-tech amenities and an ultra-modern, minimalist style.

It’s exciting to see the Model B nearing final production form, even as Foxconn fine-tunes a few cosmetic touches inside and out. When it hits the streets, this handsome electric car could defy expectations about what an iPhone maker can contribute to the automotive world. Judging by the Model B concept unveiled this week, the future for Foxconn’s EV division looks bright.