Fortnite's Lego Crossover Mode Unveiled in Cinematic Trailer, Supports Up to 8 Players

Fortnite’s Lego Crossover Mode Unveiled in Cinematic Trailer, Supports Up to 8 Players

A flashy new cinematic trailer for Fortnite’s hotly-anticipated Lego crossover mode gives us our best look yet at the blocky building fun. even better, Lego’s site confirms the mode will support up to 8 players when it launches December 7.

The trailer depicts fan-favorite character Brite Bomber stumbling through a rift into a vibrant Lego world, slowly adjusting to a blocky new body. We see her construct shelters alongside other rift-lost characters, ultimately gearing up to confront monstrous dragons and beasts.

It’s a charming peek at a colorful new frontier filled with signature Lego humor and charm. The short blurb introducing the trailer on Lego’s site also divulges a key detail – Lego Fortnite can be played “either solo or with up to seven friends.”

So gather your squad – up to 8 players can team up to build, battle, and explore together when Fortnite’s latest creative collaboration goes live. Over 1200 existing Fortnite skins will get Lego makeovers too, so players can rock their favorites.

Lego Fortnite was announced last week during The Big Bang live event alongside two other gaming crossovers. A new racing title called Rocket Racing from Rocket League studio Psyonix arrives December 8. Then on December 9 there’s Fortnite Festival, a music game from Rock Band developer Harmonix.

So an action-packed week of new modes lies ahead. But the creative potential of Lego Fortnite looks especially promising. Players can rebuild their own quirky takes on the ever-evolving Fortnite map starting tomorrow. Just beware of any colossal laser-breathing dragons that stand in your way.