Fortnite: Last Resort's Heist Theme Overshadowed by Map Saturation

Fortnite: Last Resort’s Heist Theme Overshadowed by Map Saturation

The release of Fortnite: Last Resort promised an exciting heist theme, unvaulted Mythic weapons, and an appealing Battle Pass filled with unique skins. Two weeks into the season, it’s evident that Last Resort has delivered on many fronts, making it a refreshing change from the previous season.

One of the highlights of Last Resort is the introduction of three significant points of interest (POIs) on the map: Sanguine Suite, Eclipsed Estate, and Relentless Retreat. These locations house underground vaults brimming with chests and rare Mythic items. To access these treasures, players must navigate through tight security, deal with NPC guards, avoid laser alarms, and obtain key cards.