For the price of one Blink Mini camera, Amazon is selling two

For the price of one Blink Mini camera, Amazon is selling two

If you’ve been considering adding cameras to your connected home setup, now is a wonderful time to get started. Amazon has reduced the price of its Blink Mini cameras to $30 for a pair, down from the customary price of just one camera. It’s an all-time low and matches Amazon’s massive price on Prime Day in October.

The cameras capture bright and sharp 1080p video, which can be streamed to your phone or a smart display such as Amazon’s Echo Show. Because Amazon owns Blink, the devices are compatible with Alexa and may be controlled by a voice from any compatible device. They also work well with Blink’s doorbell, functioning as a chime when it is rung.

The Minis are motion-activated (rather than always-on) and may notify you when movement is detected. With built-in speakers and a microphone, you can use your phone or any Alexa-enabled smart device to hear and chat with people (or pets). The cameras function without a membership, but if you want to store video clips, you may sign up for the Blink Subscription Plan (the basic plan is now $30 per year).

The one catch is that Blink Minis are wired cameras, so they must be placed near an outlet – but you’ll never have to remember to replace the batteries.

If you want cameras outdoors, it’s worth noting that the Blink Outdoor cameras are back on sale. Single packs are now $60, while multi-camera bundles are also on sale, with the greatest deals on three and five-camera packages (both 50 percent off).

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Blink Outdoor Cameras are our current favorite wireless security cameras, powered by AA batteries that last around a year. They come with a mount and, of course, are waterproof, so you don’t have to install them beneath an eave or overhang, allowing you to tilt them precisely where you want to look. And, like the indoor version, these allow you to see, hear, and chat to whoever is in front of the camera, and everything is controlled by Alexa, either via the app or your voice.

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