Football Manager 2023 Console Version Is Postponed at the Last Minute

Football Manager 2023 Console Version Is Postponed at the Last Minute

Sega has announced a surprise delay for one of Football Manager 2023’s console editions, only one week before its scheduled release.

Football Manager 2023 will be released this month on several systems, but a surprise delay will push the PlayStation 5 edition to a later date beyond the November 8 launch. The remainder of the console versions, thankfully, are unaffected by Football Manager 2023’s PS5 delay.

Due to “unforeseen circumstances” that emerged during the submissions and approvals process, Sega and developer Sports Interactive have delayed the PS5 release of Football Manager 2023. Because of these concerns, Football Manager 2023 will not be released for the most recent PlayStation platform, hence PlayStation Store digital pre-orders will be revoked in compliance with Sony’s platform policy. In addition, PS5 customers who pre-ordered Football Manager 2023 will get full refunds. According to Sega and Sports Interactive, no action is required on the customer’s part to get the reimbursement.

The abrupt delay of Football Manager 2023 for PS5 has upset Sports Interactive studio head, Miles Jacobson. According to him, Sega and Sports Interactive have been working with partners for many weeks to resolve difficulties with the PS5 version. He did not go into any greater information regarding the game’s submissions and approvals procedure. Jacobson, on the other hand, expects Football Manager 2023 will be released soon for PS5 players since the Sports Interactive production team worked hard to perfect the game.

Because there is no PS4 version of Football Manager 2023, PlayStation players will be unable to play the game until a release date for the PS5 version is decided. Furthermore, for the time being, PS5 owners will be unable to pre-order the game. Sports Interactive assures fans that all other versions of Football Manager 2023 will be released on November 8 as planned, and Sega will keep fans updated on the PS5 version as soon as possible.

Football Manager 2023’s PS5 delay is disappointing for world-class football enthusiasts looking to branch out from EA Sports’ FIFA 23. The newest version of Football Manager includes the highly anticipated UEFA Club Competition license, which allows users to partake in a genuine match-day experience starring the world’s finest football teams. Unfortunately, players will have to wait till the game is completed and certified on PlayStation’s newest hardware.

However, the next-generation Football Manager experience will not be completely lost. Football Manager 2023 is available to Xbox Game Pass users on launch day, and the Xbox Series X edition offers 4K resolution, HDR10, Smart Delivery, and cross-platform play. When Football Manager 2023 for PS5 is released, it should have comparable capabilities.

Football Manager 2023 will be available on Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on November 8th. The PS5 version will be released later.

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