Ferrari's Double Staff Swoop Sends Shock Waves Through F1

Ferrari’s Double Staff Swoop Sends Shock Waves Through F1

In a bid to regain their competitive edge in Formula 1, Ferrari has reportedly secured the services of two key members from the Red Bull team. May 29, 2023, marked the day when these talented individuals joined the renowned Italian racing outfit at Maranello, according to reports.

Currently, Red Bull dominates the Formula 1 field, with their recent victory at the Monaco Grand Prix further solidifying their position at the top. Max Verstappen crossed the finish line with a commanding 28-second lead over Fernando Alonso, securing his second Monaco Grand Prix win. While Alonso’s second-place finish brought glory to Aston Martin, Ferrari struggled with a less-than-stellar performance, with Charles Leclerc settling for sixth place and Carlos Sainz finishing in eighth position after a challenging weekend.