Fast Travel may be added to GTA Online

Fast Travel may be added to GTA Online

According to a recent study, GTA Online may have a quick travel option in the future. The survey was issued to a select group of GTA Online users in order to get opinions on future additions to Rockstar Games releases.

Next year marks the tenth anniversary of GTA Online, and the game is still going strong. While many gamers are focused on the future and the in-development GTA 6, some new features may be introduced to GTA Online in the near future.

GTA Online gamers were emailed surveys with the promise of an in-game GTA$ incentive if they responded. It was issued particularly in relation to the GTA+ membership service, asking players which features they utilised the most and least, but it also referenced two additional features that are presently unavailable in the game: rapid travel and free access to previous Rockstar Games games. Official Rockstar Games outlets have not provided any further information, but gamers have deduced several possibilities from the survey.

Currently, GTA Online lacks the option to swiftly go from one location to another, as Red Dead Redemption 2’s fast travel feature does. This feature allowed players to easily travel to a number of cities and outposts for an in-game charge. It was a reasonable inclusion given that Red Dead Redemption 2’s landscape is bigger than GTA Online’s and players don’t have access to a vast fleet of autos and flying planes to transport them from one location to the next. Nonetheless, some gamers may like to see a quick travel ability implemented in GTA Online or perhaps GTA 6, since traversing the world might still take some time.

One of the most intriguing components of this study is that it focuses only on GTA+ features. This programme needs a monthly cost and provides gamers with a number of benefits such as discounts and in-game incentives. The inclusion of a rapid travel capability as an extra benefit would undoubtedly be welcomed by many GTA+ users, but it might put non-subscribers at a major disadvantage. Moving swiftly from one location to another may enable players to obtain and finish occupations more quickly, enabling them to earn GTA$ more quickly.

Of course, although the disadvantage would be disagreeable to non-subscribers, the whole GTA Online service is absolutely free, so it’s logical for subscribers to get a few extra benefits. Most long-term users have not only amassed a huge number of cars to travel about swiftly but have also gained features such as the in-game limo service. It remains to be seen if a fast-travel ability is introduced to GTA Online or comes with GTA 6, but hopefully, it will not disturb the game’s balance.