Epic Games Store Supports Achievements, as stated on

Epic Games Store Supports Achievements, as stated on

Forspoken by Square Enix has recently been launched on the Epic Games Store, and the platform supports achievements, enabling players to chart their progress through the game with each milestone. Most current platforms and games, including Forspoken, utilise accomplishments and trophies, with the Epic Games Store’s being an option on PC for Steam or Xbox achievements.

Prospective Speaking players browsing the Epic Games Store listing may also peruse the game’s various accomplishments, with the exception of certain secret ones discovered via gaming. Because the PC version contains Xbox accomplishments and some others are expecting a future Xbox console launch, Forspoken’s console exclusivity to PlayStation does not preclude Xbox fans from achieving Gamerscore on their platform. The Epic Games Store iteration, in addition to the PlayStation trophies and Xbox achievements that Forspoken players may acquire by completing certain in-game tasks, maybe how some fans choose to monitor their progress.

According to the Epic Games Store entry for Forspoken, the Square Enix game offers 53 accomplishments that total 1,000 profile experience points, which may be shown to other platform users. Though the majority of the accomplishments on the list give 10 XP for actions that Square Enix expects players to do, there are a few secret ones that deliver 50 XP and two that exceed 105 XP. With so many people already playing Forspoken on the Epic Games Store, many have finished the “Unlocked Potential” accomplishment and several hidden ones. Still, just 0.5% have completed the tough tasks.

While some Forspoken players complain about the action-plot RPGs and other game elements, such as the PC system requirements, other players are amassing points via accomplishments on the Epic Games Store and similar sites. The Epic Games Store, like the PlayStation Store, provides the Deluxe Upgrade for Forspoken, which includes early access to the In Tanta We Trust prologue tale DLC, which is set to release in the Summer of 2023. While Forspoken players may currently gain Epic Games Store achievements simply by playing the game, the Square Enix title will not be completed until the prequel tale DLC is released.

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Square Enix offered a sample for Forspoken before its latest release, giving players a taste of the action RPG, which may have helped some determine whether the game was worth accomplishment hunting through. While Forspoken is a faster-paced game than The Witcher 3 or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, trophy seekers may not rack up points as rapidly as in My Friend Peppa Pig or Escape Academy.

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